I was never ruined but twice - once when I lost a lawsuit, once when I won one


value proposition

In any transaction, plan or dispute, our clients are presented with challenging decisions that may have long lasting effects on their personal and professional lives. Getting the “right” answer to these questions requires competent counsel. We analyze and utilize the law to anticipate potential risks and secure competitive advantages for our clients in the industries in which they compete. We vigorously advocate for our clients while advising them of the practical implications of a course of action, so they have the information they need to make critical decisions.

We encourage our clients to think of us as part of their strategic team. By developing an in-depth appreciation of each client’s culture, business strategy and risk tolerance, our attorneys can provide legal advice that complements the client’s strategies and helps them achieve their objectives.

technology & resources

When selecting a law firm for significant litigation or other document intensive engagements, a firm’s resources are critically important. Not long ago, this meant a corral of young associates, a large support staff and a significant reference library. Technology has transformed many of these “resources” into overhead that is reflected in billing rates.

We utilize a variety of software and other technology that allows us to manage significant matters at fraction of the cost of larger firms. From software that analytically organizes electronic discovery to cloud-based trial notebooks, our technology solutions save clients’ money and allow us to be more powerful advocates.

Technology also helps us to deliver a better client experience. Clients have the option of receiving and paying their statements online, downloading documents from their cloud-based client “dashboard” or scheduling time with us electronically.

fee policies

Although we handle most matters on a billable-hour basis, we are often able to offer alternative fee arrangements. Regardless of our fee arrangement, fees are transparent. Each client receives a retainer agreement that clearly sets forth the scope of the representation, the fee structure and other important information.

hourly engagement

In an hourly engagement, we charge the client for time that our professionals spend on a client’s matter. Our billing systems allow each professional to accurately record the time dedicated to a matter, ensuring that clients are never over charged. Each billable-hour client receives easy-to-read monthly statements to that clearly show the work performed on a matter, any expenses we advance on the client’s behalf and the amount of any retainer the client maintains with us.

commercial contingency

In a contingency fee arrangement, our fee is a percentage of any amounts we recover for the client. The amount of the percentage depends on the complexity of the matter, the odds of success and potential recovery.

We accept a limited number of cases on a contingency fee basis. Such arrangements can be extremely beneficial to businesses that have suffered a significant injury and are unable, often because of the injury, to fund the complicated litigation necessary to recover what they are owed.


A hybrid fee structure is a cross between an hourly rate engagement and a contingency fee. A typical hybrid structure involves a reduced hourly rate with an additional “success fee” if we are able to recover on behalf of the client. Such an arrangement can allow us to take on a matter too risky for a contingency fee arrangement.

“general counsel” fee arrangements

Many of our clients regularly need attorneys to support project teams, assist with routine legal matters or advise senior management. In our “general counsel” fee structure, clients pay a fixed monthly fee that is determined by the amount of services the client requires. The structure allows clients to confidently budget their legal expenses and helps to ensure that decision makers have on-demand legal assistance when they need it.

flat rates

In a flat rate engagement, the client pays a set price for a particular matter. We are able to offer flat rates for certain services, for example, estate planning, entity formation and development of sweepstakes rules.

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