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Closely-Held Company Litigation? Pay Attention to Schedule K-1

Despite their sophistication, entrepreneurs and businesspeople sometimes build and invest in companies without the legal scaffolding necessary to withstand disagreements among the owners. Individuals provide money without having a clear agreement on whether the payments are a loan or were made in exchange for an equity interest.

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Better Options for Day Traders

The day trading business continues to grow. As individuals who engage in day trading begin to realize that it can be a career rather than a rewarding hobby, they often begin to consider ways in which they can make the business more profitable.

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Assets or Stock: The Form of Purchase DOES Make a Difference

Purchasing or selling a business can be accomplished in a number of ways. While the objective of the transaction is always the same – transfer of ownership from a seller to a buyer – the form of the transaction does make a difference. When it comes to the purchase or sale of a business, the form of the sale has significant implications, not only at the time of sale but with regard to operations going forward.

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