Commercial transactions

& complex contracts

Contracts are the infrastructure that supports business operations. We have significant experience in drafting and negotiating a wide range of specialty contracts, including but not limited to engineering or manufacturing agreements, distribution or licensing agreements and complex procurement agreements. We have also provided counsel to clients preparing their own “boilerplate” agreements for use in day-to- day operations.

Among the most complex agreements are those in which a company is buying or selling a business. Such transactions may include obligations that continue for years beyond the closing date. We have represented both buyers and sellers in structuring such transactions in a variety of industries, including regulated industries, professional services, retail, engineering, manufacturing and technology. Whether it is assisting with preparation or evaluation of due diligence, assisting in negotiation of price, terms and conditions, or ensuring a smooth transfer of assets, our goal is the same – to assist the client in negotiating a workable arrangement that considers both the long-term and short-term needs of the business.

A well drafted contract is like a fine table: seamless, smooth and of service to the parties who use it.

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