Special Education


Our attorneys are dedicated to championing the rights and well-being of students from elementary through graduate school. Our education law practice focuses on providing comprehensive legal representation for students facing various challenges within the educational system.

Some key areas of our practice include:

    1. Special Education Advocacy: We passionately advocate for students with special needs, ensuring they receive the appropriate accommodations, services, and support to thrive academically.
    2. Bullying and Harassment Claims: We stand against bullying and harassment in schools, working tirelessly to protect the rights and well-being of students who have been subjected to such mistreatment.
    3. Discipline and Expulsion Defense: When students face disciplinary actions or expulsion, we provide strong defense strategies to protect their rights and seek fair resolutions.
    4. Title IX and Gender Equality: Our team is dedicated to promoting gender equality in educational institutions, addressing issues related to sexual harassment, discrimination, and unequal treatment.
    5. Access to Education Resources: We work to ensure that all students have equal access to educational resources, fighting against disparities that may hinder a child’s educational opportunities.

Why Choose Us for Your Child’s Legal Representation?

    1. Expertise: Our team comprises experienced education law attorneys with a deep understanding of the complexities within the educational system. We possess the knowledge and skills needed to navigate and advocate for your child’s rights effectively.
    2. Client-Centered Approach: We prioritize the unique needs and goals of each client, tailoring our legal strategies to provide personalized representation. Your child’s well-being is at the forefront of our advocacy efforts.
    3. Results-Driven Advocacy: We are dedicated to achieving positive outcomes for our clients. Whether through negotiation, mediation, or litigation, we employ effective legal strategies to secure the best possible results for school children and their families.
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