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Appropriately compensating and incentivizing high-level employees to advance a company’s goals can be a delicate task. Our attorneys assist corporate clients in structuring and implementing employment agreements, profit-sharing and phantom stock plans and other executive compensation structures. We also advise and counsel executive-level individuals in negotiating or evaluating restrictive covenants, severance agreements and compensation packages.


Employment matters can be deeply personal and disruptive. Mishandled, they create a poisonous work environment. We strive to resolve issues before they end up in court. By working with our clients early, we can help develop strategies, employee handbooks and office procedures that resolve issues without the need for litigation.  We also advise clients on developing enforceable non-competition, confidentiality and non-solicitation agreements to protect valuable intangibles from unscrupulous employees and competitors. 

There are times when negotiation is fruitless and litigation is unavoidable. Our attorneys are experienced in defending claims arising under Title VII, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act and state wrongful termination claims.


When claims of harassment, corruption or hostility arise in the workplace, the best practice is to conduct an internal investigation to ascertain the facts and consider remedial actions. Our firm has conducted a number of internal investigations that can provide timely information to management about the extent of the problem, the legal risks and a proposed course of action. Investigations are conducted by experienced counsel who understand both the law and the climate of the workplace. In some instances, the proposals emerging from the investigation have allowed our clients to avoid litigation and handle issues privately and confidentially.

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