Estate Planning

& probate litigation

Estate Planning

Our estate planning practice has one goal: transferring your wealth according to your wishes and in the most tax efficient manner possible.  Our attorneys understand and routinely advise clients on the complex rules and options associated with the use of wills, powers of attorneys, trusts and other vehicles.  Although we counsel clients with diverse finances, we can provide particular assistance to clients with illiquid assets such as closely-held business interests and those with household assets in excess of five million dollars.

Estate Administration

Losing a family member can be stressful and traumatic.  Settling a loved one’s estate does not need to be.  Our attorneys are ready to assist in administering estates, advising trustees of their obligations and transferring complex assets in an efficient and compassionate way.

Probate Litigation

The passing of a loved one does not end troubled family or business relationships.  It can cause them to boil over into disputes among beneficiaries, creditors and taxing authorities and trigger litigation over a decedent’s estate.  Unlike many firms where probate litigation is handled by litigators that lack trust and estates expertise or by estate planning attorneys with little litigation experience, our planning and litigation attorneys work closely to craft the best possible strategies for handling probate litigation.

“Death is not the end. There is still the litigation over the estate.

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